Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Personal Style | Gifted

The life of any piece of clothing I own is usually about six months. When I first acquire something I usually wear it every week, and then occasionally, and then I look at it and think, "WHY?" That doesn't go for all of my clothes, some things have been with me for far too long, but I have a pretty frequent rotation in and out of my closet. The good thing is that most girls (at least the ones I know) are this way, and so I often have the chance to raid other people's closets! This outfit (aside from the bag) is entirely made up of gifted or hand-me-down clothes. What's your favorite outfit that's been gifted to you?

Skirt: From Sister (Urban Outfitters)
Sweater: Friend of a friend (Hollister) 
Shoes: From Mom (American Eagle via Payless)


  1. cute skirt, looking great....

  2. Cute skirt! It's definitely fun to shop in someone else's closet :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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